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  • History

    Remedium Bio is a Boston based gene therapy company focused on the development of highly innovative treatments for a broad range of diseases. The Remedium approach utilizes proven scientific fundamentals, in a novel way, to treat the most debilitating conditions. Starting with well-characterized pathophysiological principles, our scientists modularly apply proven technologies to quickly advance curative treatments through the R&D cycle. Today, our leading candidates include gene therapy treatments in the fields of Endocrinology, Cardiology, Hematology, and Rheumatology.

  • vision

    Our Vision at Remedium is very simple: We firmly believe that any disease can be cured. This vision creates a fundamental understanding and allows us to approach any therapy like a simple problem: 1) identify the root cause, 2) determine the most optimal treatment approach, 3) validate the treatment approach. Our vision enables us with the drive and motivation, while our systematic approach enables us with the tools to bring new treatments to patients.

  • culture

    We strive to achieve a corporate culture that is grounded in our belief that every opinion is valuable, every human being is highly capable, and every life is sacred. Derived from this, our culture is grounded in 5 core fundamentals: 1) Collaborative Innovation, 2) Integrity and Transparency, 3) Mutual Respect, 4) Unquenchable Thirst for Finding Cures, 5) Diligent Drive and Execution.

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